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Shaping your life in such a way that it makes you happy requires a good dose of creativity and courage.

I keep meeting incredible women who wish to do just that - create a life they love and embrace their lifes calling.

One of the first steps is taking responsibility and believing in your own values and strengths.

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When we have lived in a place for a good amount of time all becomes familiar. We move around with ease, recognize the friendly faces in our neighbourhood, know all the little side streets and special coffee shops. In the best scenario we feel we’re part of something bigger. The neighbourhood and our home become the place we thrive in. Then change comes – welcomed or not. 

In my case I knew the change was coming and welcomed it with excitement. We moved into a new family home built to our specifications and the best part – an office to welcome my clients in.

My love affair with money started with an article I had read in a German newspaper some months ago.  The topic – women and old age poverty. It was such an eye opener as it described my situation to a T and it propelled me into action with such strength that I have done a 360 since then. 

Until that moment my relationship with money was - what I thought - an easy one. We existed side by side, interacting on a regular basis, yet without much depth or major plan. Knowing what I know now, I realize that this relationship is vital to my wellbeing and that I need to be fully involved and committed.

We are just past the middle of February – the point where 80% of people will have abandoned their New Year’s Eve resolutions.

Just 6 weeks prior we were happily creating that long list of resolutions to achieve the “new year, new me”. This approach might be a nice aspiration, but it also sets you up for failure.

So, what happens in that short period of just a few weeks?

For the holidays I decided to delete FB and IG from my phone and stop posting all together. I went for a total social media detox.

I figured come the new year I would hop back on and continue as usual. 1st week of January came, but I was still happy in my holiday bubble - so I stayed there. 2nd week came and I checked back in with myself if I was ready. But the answer was still a no. The 3rd week came, and you guessed it, still a no.

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I still remember that moment vividly when I realized that I had the destiny of my life in my own hands. That I fully held the power to decide on how my life unfolds - it felt so liberating and so exciting!

Until then I had been a passive observer to my life, somebody that life happened to, somebody that was born into a set of circumstances that could not be changed. So, imagine how I felt when it became clear to me that this was not true – it was a magic explosion in my mind, and all I had ever imagined became possible in that one moment. 

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I am super stoked at the moment as I am about to meet my friend Angela for lunch. I have not seen her in months – literally! We only live 30 min apart, but due to Corona and with her home being in France and mine in Germany we could not meet.  

We are both solopreneurs and we get together to talk about all aspects of business … customers, growing our biz, online presence, workshops and our dreams and difficult moments. As you can imagine the topics are endless!