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Currently, it feels like I'm in heaven ...

but most of my life, what used to be my spring, was filled with icy cold winds 💨

That is because there is really no spring season in Canada ❄️ And usually there is that one last big snow storm at the end of April. So from February till April I would dream of colours & flowers 🌷 as much as I could. But when you only see white & shades of grey for months on end, you forget.

One time I had the chance to travel ✈️ to Berlin in March … don’t laugh, but I stood in front of a patch of grass & soaking up the green like a thirsty person straight out of the desert.

Over the years my top time of the year - spring 🌿 turned into two, as I feel in love with fall 🍁 All of a sudden I had two favourite seasons - one I could experience and one that I couldn’t.

I realized over time that this is what happens when you immigrate to a country: The different season change your inner rhythm ⏰ What ones was familiar no longer is 🙅‍♀️ The number of things you love ❤️ expands With all its plus and minuses of moving to a new place, feeling out of sync and not knowing why that is, is one of those tricky aspects.

Now that I live in Germany again I have a chance to celebrate spring 🌷 but my inner clock is still somewhat on Canadian time 🍁 too. I have to remind myself when to plant my seeds 🌱 so that they are ready in time dress warm 🧥 despite it just being a German winter realize that I can bike 🚴‍♀️ pretty much all year around The seasons have an influence on our inner rhythm and I believe it's one of those undercurrents that is constantly there, throwing us of balance, but we are not aware of it.

Until we stop 🛑 and take notice.

When we connect with what was, with what is and take the time ⏰ to bring the two together, we create a continuum in our life. I now consciously embrace spring, celebrating it being the start of a long and beautiful gardening season 👩‍🌾 In the fall I take notice of the stunning red leafed tree on my street. I stand in front of it, letting the memory of many of my Canadian falls 🍁 wash over me. And I fully celebrate those moments. Through acknowledging the different seasons - spring 🌿 and fall 🍁 - I found a way to feel more complete. Today I talked about the seasons, but at the end of the day it’s all about connecting the different multicultural elements that make us who we are. Connecting them, so that we can feel complete again. Wether it is on a professional or personal level.

So what elements in your multicultural life are you trying to connect & synchronize?

Is it on a professional or personal level or is it combining the two that is the challenge?

With love & clarity

Ariane xoxo

P.S. BTW soon it will be cherry blossom season here in the Black Forest - the ones that will produce those famous cherries for the Schwarzwälderkirschtorte 🍒


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