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Viktoria Roussina

From the very first session with Ariane, I felt immediate clarity. In our sessions, Ariane creates a safe space for me to express my challenges - for me personally it has been on how to embrace and get clarity around my new (professional) identity as a coach. She's an empathic listener - I felt fully and completely heard & seen by her. For each challenge I brought up, Ariane had questions that felt individually tailored to me and my situation. She has a gift of using stories that deliver an idea, a thought, which made it very relatable, easy to understand and to take action upon. Leaving our sessions, I feel I have a clear way ahead of me: of what to do, what the next most impactful step is to resolve my challenges and take me closer to my goal to become a full-time coach. I'm so enjoying working with Ariane, both on a personal and professional level!

Mindset & Personal Branding Coach
Berlin, Germany

Ioanna Solomatina

My favorite thing about the coaching experience? Each session felt like an oasis of calm and positive energy. One of my goals was to become more poised and self-possessed as a person, and it was really amazing how in the sessions I felt myself get closer to this goal in real time. I stopped undervaluing myself and that in my relationships and my professional life I shouldn't settle for something that doesn't match my level of effort or commitment. This led me to be promoted twice as Ariane helped me find my own voice to advocate for myself and challenged me to take my commitment to my own growth to the next level, all the while keeping sessions positive a & fun. The most unexpected gift that this coaching gave me was - I saw my imagination and my desire to create return! It wasn't even a goal that I had set for myself, it just happened! I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and that it had genuinely helped me a lot at a pivotal time.

Human Resources Specialist
Guelph, Canada

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Sylvie Caron

Ariane’s unique way of engaging with people made me feel at ease right away. Her soft spoken, kind, generous, insightful, and highly respectful ways, were deeply engaging and inspiring. Her interventions were always right on target and triggered within me those realizations of what needed to be in my life. Our moments together were often mind blowing as she helped me take an honest look at my life issues which opened new possibilities for me. Each session filled me with such positivity and energy. As a result, I feel lighthearted and can now embrace life with a new level of joy.

The practical aspect of her coaching? Ariane provided me with hands-on resources and exercises to create long-term sustainable change in my life. How amazing is this?


Terrebonne, Canada

Ariane Nake

I had a great number of ideas spinning around in my head and I couldn’t decide on which one to follow & felt overwhelmed.


Ariane’s intuitive approach interlaced with result-oriented action steps were the perfect way for me to come to clear decisions. The coaching sessions helped me to rewire what to focus my thoughts on and recognize what powers me up and what not. The best part - I learnt how to build a solid foundation for myself personally and professionally.

If you are ready to finally make that change in your life and put in the work – Ariane is your coach.

Founder of Digitale Freiheit
Portimao, Portugal

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Sarah Mac

Working with Ariane was so supportive in catalysing massive progress in reaching my creative goals. She helped me to identify and alleviate the ways I was sabotaging my progress.


Freeing myself from this I attracted some incredible opportunities and collaborations as a result. Ariane illuminated avenues that I never even considered that made the journey feel so much easier, more possible and created a massive breakthrough for me in my creative output.

I shifted to working more in a state of flow, putting way less pressure on myself and made progress. Ariane supported me in setting myself up for success at my goals with really amazing encouragement and insight.

I highly recommend working with Ariane to start enjoying the rewards of a successful creative life - this kind of support is a non-negotiable!

Coach, writer, Hip Hop Artist
New York, USA

Deborah Lacy

Ariane has a masterful way of balancing structure/practical guidance (masculine) and flow/intuition (feminine). She has helped me recognise my strengths and asks great questions to get to the truth of my challenges and find creative solutions. This way I lost my fear of growing financially independent and slowing down so I could recognize my own self-worth. Being from South Africa originally and living in England brings its challenges as I miss my roots and family. Addressing cross-cultural living with Ariane allowed me to embrace both cultures and see the gains I have through this experience. She has also helped me create a healthier, more balanced approach to juggling business and motherhood. Her empathy, groundedness, and expertise create a safe & nurturing space. I would highly recommend her to entrepreneurs who want a holistic approach to business and life.

Creative Transformation Therapist
London, England

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Geethika Chandani.jpg

Geethika Chandani S. Dona

After living for over 10 years in Freiburg, where I met so many significant people in my life and which is also the birthplace of my Online Sri Lanka Cooking Classes, I moved to the Stuttgart area, leaving all my friends and other close contacts.


This was a difficult transition for me and I got so motivated during Ariane´s coaching sessions. She had a structured approach which I found very helpful during this challenging chapter of my life. If you’re going through changes in your life, and need guidance, go and book some coaching session with Ariane! Experience for yourself how wonderful it feels to gain clarity in your life with Ariane’s inspiring & unique approach.

Stuttgart, Germany

Sara Neves

When I was in my first year in business, I decided to offer website audits and Ariane was my very first. While I was the one offering my services, in the end, Ariane, being the kind and honest human being she is, gave me the best piece of advice yet. One I started implementing right away & one I come back to on a regular basis.

Ariane reminded me that people put a lot of effort into their websites & rather than focusing on what they did wrong at first to complement what they achieved. This sets the tone for the entire working relationship. Now, I make sure, I always start the audits by cheering my clients on their work they've already done.

Hearing someone giving you feedback might not feel good at first might, but when you listen, implement changes and start seeing the results, you become extremely grateful for their honesty. That's why I admire Ariane's work because she pushed me to improve not only as a professional but also as an individual. I highly recommend Ariane to everyone who is always looking for professional and personal growth.

Founder & CEO of Unicorn Designer Studio
Ourém, Portugal

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