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About me and ultimately you.

Tailor made solutions to move you out of chaos into clarity, are my specially

What makes me me?


Born as a "Münchner Kindl" into a German/Greek patchwork family, my life has always been culturally colourful and with a focus on people. 

Being curious by nature, I wanted to learn more about the world, to expand my horizon and explore what was possible. This is how I found myself as a young and adventurous traveller in Canada. 


​It was in the wild open spaces and multi-cultural cities where I started to find myself, where I started to feel at home and became a citizen of the world. 

I have lived in several Canadian cities, but it was Montréal that stole my heart. It's amazing cross-cultural fabric inspired me deeply. HereI encountered a culture made up of so many different beliefs, languages and experiences, where I studied cross-cultural anthropology, started my family and worked.​

Munich Mumi Bild.jpeg

Life was good, but I missed Europe and I needed a new perspective in life. So after much consideration and planning we moved!

30 years of having made Canada my home, moving back to Germany was coming full circle. It was exciting to change my life so drastically and at times quite challenging to return to my roots after such a long time.


In this process of change I decided to start my own coaching business and combine my knowledge in the corporate world with my experience in cross-cultural living. 

Today I coach women from  all over the world in English or German, on- or offline.

I am honoured to be working with women who are ready to make a change, so they feel that they FINALLY are living their life - professionally & personally.

My more formal bio

ICF Certification in Life Coaching

M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology

M.A. thesis on Art Therapy & Rudolf Steiner

Agile Project Management expertise

B-School by Marie Forleo

Copy Cure by Marie Forleo & Laura Belgrey

Social Media Manager IKH Baden Württemberg


As it is not all about certificates:

20+ years know-how in sales and marketing

Leading teams of all ages and backgrounds

International travel for fun and business

Being at home in 3+ cultures & 2 continents

Speaking German, English and French

Embracing being a celiac for 15 years

One of my most important personal experiences: being a mom of twins and having learnt to be really organized, quick on my feet and deal with unexpected situations gracefully and with a belly full of laughter.


The tribe that helps me grow and shine.


I believe my own personal growth journey is just as important as yours. And as expanding my knowledge brings me much joy, I want to share with you what I have been up to over the last few years.

These wonderful women have guided me:

Mona Hassan ICF certificate training

Laura van der Vorst women empowerment coaching

Julia Teuber Supervision Spiritual & Healing work

Mariola Czyzk-Livernoche self-development

Kiria Silke Vandekamp ritual coaching

Viktoria Rousseau 1:1 branding development

Ilona Rau 1:1 business coaching

Alix Rufas 1:1 business coaching

I have also taken care of myself via osteopaths, acupuncturists, natural health and cranial sacral practitioners as well as massage therapists. I also work with doterra oils and have been using a Healy almost daily for 6 months now. Talk about expansion!

What I do when I am not working?


I am a total foodie! I love to cook, and I read cookbooks like others read novels. At home in Freiburg or traveling through foreign countries, you will find me at the local markets checking out the produce. In moments like these I get excited about new spices & veggies & fruits I have never cooked with before.


Me time consists of long walks, meditation and if possible swimming in the ocean. Currently I'm designing my garden, finding the right spot for each plant. Cultural events too move me deeply & I love films in their original language. I like to be inspired by learning something new, so I read a lot & enjoy podcast.

My geographic & cultural journey so far.

With time and clarity we come to realize with that life is not a straight line, but a collection of ups and downs, steps sideways, at times forward and again some backwards. Being curious and open by nature I have experimented, searched, tried, failed and succeeded to understand my life calling.


I now see the red yarn - in my case yellow one - going through all that I have done and bringing me to where I am today. This fills me with deep gratitude and happiness. My journey started growing up in a German Greek family, but it literally took off, when I boarded my first flight to Ottawa, Canada when I was 17 years old I have never stopped exploring since then.

Travel Polaroids

Places that I have lived so far in my life:

Munich -> Mindelheim -> Munich -> Ottawa -> Montreal -> Munich -> Victora -> Montreal -> Freiburg

Place I have visited:

Canada - 9 out of 10 provinces * US * Cuba * St. Lucia * Antigua * Norway * England * Scotland * Belarus * Lithuania * Latvia

Estland * Poland * Czech Republic * The Netherlands * France * Greece * Spain * Portugal * Italy * 

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