Hi there ... I'm Ariane 

Creativity is part of our daily lives - isn't?

And we are missing creativity in this world of ours - no?

So I’m passionate about women who have many ideas

Who wish to bring them alive and have their inner light shine bright.

While being professional and having fun in the process.

ariane schuessler mit kamera

More about me

What makes me me?

I was born in Germany, but as a young and adventurous traveller I found myself in Canada. 

I lived in several Canadian cities, but it was Montréal that stole my heart. The amazing cross-cultural fabric of this city inspired me deeply.

This is where I encoutered a culture made up of so many different beliefs, language and experiences. Here I studied anthropology, worked and started my family.

Yet after years in the corporate world I was still searching for my own creative outlet.

And I found my creativity in working with women artists.And this is what I do today with great passion.

I am so grateful to have wonderful clients all over the world who have the courage to make their ideas happen and are not shy to get supported along the way.

This is part of my life experiences.

M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology

M.A. thesis was about Art Therapy

20 years of sales and marketing with a focus on

Agile Project Management

Leading teams of all ages and backgrounds

International traveling for fun and biz

Being at home in two cultures and two continents

and yes most important of all: being a mom of twins

and having to be really organized and quick on my feet


What I do when I am not working?

I am a total foodie and love to cook, I get my inspiration through long walks in nature, films and yes tea … I am always on the search for a new herbal tea mixtures that suprise my taste buds.

Feel like reaching out?   Drop me a line  

contact arianefadenWhat are the 30 min for?

To ask specific questions

To get a feel for who I am

To discover how I work

To find out if we are a match

To take an action step to clarity

To start your journey to a confident life