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Summertime and the living is easy...

Yes, baby it’s summertime …

And although I love all the seasons, I have to admit that summer has a special place in my heart 💛 it is the season to which I connect my best memories with …

✨ visiting Italy and Greece as a child with lazy days by the beach and endless hours snorkeling in the see

✨ dancing through summer rain feeling the refreshing drops on my skin

✨ long canoe trips in the Canadian wilderness with the loons singing at night

It’s those memories that become part of our DNA, that evoke a sense of inner peace and happiness. Those are the moments where we feel we are truly connected to our essence.

Why am I telling you about this?

For one because it is vital to know what brings up these positive feelings in you, to know what makes you tingle all over because you know your happy memories and you know how to create them again in the now and here.

I also believe that it creates a connection of positivity in your life – in moments that were, moments that are now and

moments that will be.

If you never think about what made you be you in the early part of your life, you might feel disconnected with who you are today. It might also make it challenging for you to discover what you wish to do and be in the years to come.

In order to reconnect with your inner self, take the time to feel those moments of pure bliss again. Close your eyes and wait to see what comes up … was is dancing ballet? Cooking up a storm? Days by the beach?

Often, we think that these times are gone and belong to the early part of life, but why? Why not feel that bliss again as an adult? What stops us?

So, todays newsletter is to let you know that I am getting ready for my summer vacation. Pure bliss is awaiting me, and I cannot wait to see what adventure waits for me.

With love & clarity

Ariane xoxo


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