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Coming down the French Alps, I did not expect this to happen ...

life forced me to a full stop 🛑

I had my January all planned out and I was excited to get started with 2023 after my ski vacation 🎿

But life had other plans for me.

First a tummy bug knocked me over so that I could not move, then a family emergency kept me occupied and last but not least I was getting stopped in my flow by little things:

locking myself out of my car 🚘

appointments getting cancelled ❌

big time computer issues 👩‍💻

So here we are now at the end of January and the first weeks of 2023 ✨ looked so different to what I had imagined.

It's easy to say 'life is like that" or when "life gives you lemons 🍋, make lemonade" - but what can you actually do, to deal with the unexpected?

When your plans get turned up side down.

My experiences of this month brought me back to my VALUES and how they are the foundation of who I am.

In times of challenge they are my go to place. They remind me of who I am, help me to look inward, rather than judging myself by what the world expects of me.

Living my multicultural life this is especially important. Such a variety of different viewpoints 🔎 come in forms of expectations, traditions ...

Discovering your values and living them are a compass 🧭 that no matter what happens, you find you way. Are you in touch with your values? Do you know what you stand for? Want to discover them on a deep level. Write to me ...

"The only constant in life is change" Heraclitus and with that I wish you a smooth transition into February.

With love & clarity

Ariane xoxo


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