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The Importance Of Finding Your Tribe.

I am super stoked at the moment as I am about to meet my friend Angela for lunch. I have not seen her in months – literally! We only live 30 min apart, but due to Corona and with her home being in France and mine in Germany we could not meet.

We are both solopreneurs and we get together to talk about all aspects of business … customers, growing our biz, online presence, workshops and our dreams and difficult moments. As you can imagine the topics are endless!

I value her friendship and so many others that I have connected with over the years. I strongly believe that we cannot be solopreneurs on our own, but only within a tribe. So, I consciously seek out people that share my life philosophy, that have brilliant ideas and want to make a difference in the world. We help each other grow and challenge each other when needed.

The best of this – I am surrounded by amazing, brilliant individuals who can confirm to me whether I am on the right track or not or when I doubt myself or worry, I know can reach out and I know they will reach out to me as well.

It can feel quite lonely otherwise with all these ideas buzzing around in one’s head and not knowing what the next step should or could be. Or a simple technical question – isn’t it great if you can just call a friend and discuss the issue?

I am a big believer in building your own tribe with gusto and passion. It is so much more fun to live this life when you are surrounded by people who you can cheer on and that will do the same for you.

So, let me ask you – who is part of your tribe? Who cheers you on and whom can you lend a helping hand when one is needed?

Wishing you great clarity Ariane xoxo


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