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Six Weeks Without Social Media And This Is What Happened.

For the holidays I decided to delete FB and IG from my phone and stop posting all together. I went for a total social media detox.

I figured come the new year I would hop back on and continue as usual. 1st week of January came, but I was still happy in my holiday bubble - so I stayed there. 2nd week came and I checked back in with myself if I was ready. But the answer was still a no. The 3rd week came, and you guessed it, still a no.

By now we are well into 2021 and I realized how deliciously refreshing it feels to be off social media for so long. I feel more centered, back in tune with myself and not out there like a leaf in the wind.

Here are the 3 things that I have learned from being off social media:

* Follow your own inner voice - it is vital to be living your life and not somebody elses.

* Be authentic - this will create a life and business you love and can stand 100% behind.

* Manage your energy - this will influence how you show up and when and when not.

Following these 3 simple guidelines have helped me to be truer to myself and not become part of the social media circus.

How is your relationship with social media going? What needs to change, if anything? What boundaries or practices do you currently have that are working? Leave me a comment and let me know!

With loving clarity Ariane xoxo


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