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Learn to Love The Changes In Your Life.

When we have lived in a place for a good amount of time all becomes familiar. We move around with ease, recognize the friendly faces in our neighbourhood, know all the little side streets and special coffee shops. In the best scenario we feel we’re part of something bigger. The neighbourhood and our home become the place we thrive in. Then change comes – welcomed or not.

In my case I knew the change was coming and welcomed it with excitement. We moved into a new family home built to our specifications and the best part – an office to welcome my clients in.

Yet even if change is initiated by us and we feel happy about it – change is change and it brings certain uncertainties with it.

It made me realize that change is inevitable in life and that it is a persistent teacher. So, what am I learning from my situation at the moment? To appreciate the familiarity of a routine, how wonderful it is when things have their place and most of all that change takes time. It cannot be rushed, and it is important to take that time to adjust to all that is new. By embracing it we get to enjoy the journey as we ease into a new sense of familiarity.

Here are some of the “aha” moments I have been having:

🌱 acknowledging the change in the first place allows me to love the transition.

🌱 managing my expectations helps me to be ready for unexpected moments.

🌱 accepting the change & letting it unfold in its own rhythm & going with the flow.

🌱 recognizing that change makes me stronger as my priorities become evident.

🌱 loving the wisdom that comes with change & the chance to grow it brings with it.

🌱 change allows me to be at peace as I know I can handle anything unexpected.

Change can have many faces – little things like mixing up our daily routine or trying out a new recipe. Then there are the big moments that are life altering: a move, change of job, death or an illness. Whatever it might be we are asked to be resilient and take the challenge that is offered to us. It is an opportunity to show our true colours.

While I’m unpacking more boxes, I realize that change is the only constant in our lives. So, I take this crazy upside-down moment in my life as a chance to go with the flow and embrace growth. Who knows what I might discover in my new neighbourhood?

What was your last change? And did you love it? Was it voluntary? Do share. Ariane xoxo


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