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How to show up for yourself and not live by the timing of others

Summer is officially over, and fall is beckoning with its colours while warm evenings make us riminess. After three weeks of having travelled through Portugal and Spain I’m now in this in between stage of the vacation vibe and having started work again.

As I opened my mail, got back into Social Media and reconnected with my circles a big wave of “oh my god everybody is already back on track” came over me. You see the German province I live in is the last one to return back to work/school and my inner clock – somewhat still on Canadian time – says that Labour Day is the last big hurray before a long winter.

So, what to do to not lose my vacation vibe … I took a big breath to not go down the rabbit hole of feeling behind and the need of speeding up. I focused to stay true to myself and my inner timing.

It can be so tempting to connect to the energy of others and lose sight of once own. With it goes our focus, the inner peace, goals and clarity of why we do what we do in the first place. It becomes a chasing after feeling of what we think we should be doing. A big factor in all of this is what we imagine that others do and how they run their lives. The grass on the other side always seems greener.

Here is what you can do to show up for yourself:

🌱 recognize your rhythm of life and honor it

🌱 create a vision board to have your goals right in front of you

🌱 meditate daily, go for a walk - whatever it takes to connect with your inner self

🌱 listen to your inner voice – she knows and is your best guidance

🌱 voice your intentions to others by joining a working circle

Want to know what my daily ritual is for showing up for myself? Going on walks with my dog Merlin. I live 2 min from the forest and whether it is a short or a long walk – being in nature is my go-to tool for reconnecting with myself. This is where I hear and feel my inner voice best and get reminded on what is important to me.

What is your go-to tool to connect with your vision and stay true to yourself? Do share! Off to the forest I go. Ariane xoxo


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