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How To Connect The Dots In Your Life’s Labyrinth.

Life constantly amazes me by how beautifully things can connect and fall into place. Often, it’s only in hindsight that we see where it all started and how certain decisions or particular actions have led to a much bigger desired outcome.

Over the last few days, I realized that I have taken decisions as far back as two years that have led me to my exciting next step as a coach today. It’s fun to trace back to the beginnings of how my actions influence my life and how each little decision shapes my reality. So here is what happened …

I mentored a woman for the city of Freiburg who had just moved here from Iran. She was trying to settle in this new city, new language and was looking for work. It was a deep connection and we both learnt a lot from each other. Move forward a few months to where a friend asked me to lend him a hand harvesting his wine. Who would say no, right? As I live in a wine region this is a tradition every fall. And at the end of the harvest, work turns into an outdoor party. Every helper is fed a simple yet delicious meal sitting on wooden benches among the vines and of course last year’s wine is served. Do you know the movie “A Good Year”? That is how it felt. And – this is the interesting part – part of this harvesting team was a woman who I got to know over our shared meal. Some months later she became my client.

Stay with me as this story continues … this woman signed up for coaching sessions as she was applying for a leadership position for … you guessed it … the city of Freiburg. But this is not the end of the story. She successfully was chosen for the position, but here it comes – through this connection I got the chance to apply to become an official coach for the city of Freiburg. So where did the dots connect for me? My volunteer work for the city as well as helping my friend harvest the wine where I met my client who applied for the leadership position and is now eligible for coaching paid by the city. And this is where I had my growth moment as a coach –

I am now officially a coach for Freiburg’s leaders. Amazing – right? Do you see how all the dots connect? Two seamlessly independent situations came together and allowed me to grow even more into the coach I see myself being.

I believe that recognizing these patterns and connecting the dots brings up our energy and gives us confidence to reach new heights. Here are some of my thoughts on this:

🌱 taking small actions steps will allow you to try things out & find out what is right for you

🌱 following your heart will give you the chance to connect with yourself & the right people

🌱 be clear on what you want out of life, so you don’t lose your way

🌱 be grateful for what life has to offer and see every chance as an opportunity

🌱 have the courage to try something new every day so that you grow as a human being

Recognizing these patterns will bring you into a positive mindset that allows you to see your wins on a regular basis. Yet the biggest one of all is staying active – no matter how small or large the action step is. By staying in motion, we come across new opportunities, chances are presented to us and we ultimately walk along our life path filled with energy and happiness.

What is your moment where you recognize how the dots connected for you? What did one action or decision bring you?


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