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How the little word courage can make a big difference

As I sit down to write my first newsletter, the word courage comes to mind. For weeks I have been avoiding this newsletter writing business, not knowing how and where to start.

Have you experienced this feeling when you are standing at the tip of the pools spring board about to take a dive head first? That funny feeling in your tummy as you know you have to give yourself that push?

This is where I realized how this little word courage holds so much meaning – a word that connects the past, present and future, a word that allows you to go from A to B and at the end resembles what is needed to make your dreams come true.

Courage means stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new, something different, perhaps not knowing what might come of it, but trying it anyway.

So here I am giving myself that push, simply writing my first newsletter knowing that the first step is always the most difficult one … the second will be so much easier. For what if we do not bring up the courage to try new things.

This act of courage will most definitely include failure, but also growth and the amazing feeling of having tried something and succeeded at it. And if I am being completely honest here – the biggest critic lives within ourselves.

So, let’s be kinder to our inner creative self and bring up the courage to try something we have been wanting to do for a long time, we have been secretively dreaming of, but lacked courage to take the first step.

Ariane xoxo


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