Creative Clarity Coaching 

for the intuitive and wildly creative artist

Got a million creative ideas piling up?

Still waiting to be discovered artistically?

Insecure and doubting if you're really an artist?

Your intuitive self is sabotaging your success?

Ready to move forward and embrace the life you wish to live? I will be at your side to accompany you on this journey.

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That's me - tell me more...   Let's connect!  

I accompany women out of the labyrinth of overwhelmed and self-doubt

into creative clarity and action.

So what does all of this really mean?

You will have me at your side to get your

Artistic ideas out of your head & turn them into an actual project

Together we will create a safe environment in which to

Discuss your creative questions

Brainstorm ideas and turn them into doable action steps

Create gentle accountability

Gain confidence that you can make a living as an artist

Remember there is nobody like you so our time together

will be tailored to your needs that will get you moving in no time.

So why work with me?

For one I am a creative soul myself

And through years in the corporate world I have learned

To structure my projects and make them happen.

I have overcome fear and learned to ask for what I want

By combining intuition with practical thinking and planning 

I will listen to you and motivate you 

Take you and your ideas seriously

Work out actions steps with you

And support you to execute them.

Ariane faden

labyrinth der Arianefaden

I empower the intuitive creative women to

  • gain clarity on the one idea that wishes to be born
  • be an artist with confidence and not feel fake
  • stop waiting to be discovered by taking initiative
  • step out of fear into action
  • create a step by step plan to give structure to a project
  • create sound marketing material
  • feel you are in control of your social media world


derarianefadenalsknaeulHere is how it works

  • if you wish, we connect during a 30 min free call where you tell me what is on your mind and where you can asks me all the questions you wish to ask.
  • during our 1st one to one call we will gain clarity to where you are at and start discussing what you wish to achieve. From then on we develop a step by step plan.
  • we will meet on a weekly or biweekly basis for 1 hour sessions to move you forward with a mutually agreed upon action plan
  • along the way I will be at your side, answering any questions, discussing ideas and gently reminding you of your original goal


Ready to gain clarity and create a structure?   Let's connect!  

What other clients have experienced

  • Sarah Mac

    Working with Ariane was so supportive in catalysing massive progress in reaching my creative goals. 

    She helped me to identify and alleviate the ways I was sabotaging my progress, I got my first paid gig performing my original music after just 3 sessions with Ariane.

    I attracted some incredible opportunities and collaborations as a result. 

    Sarah Mac – Writer, Hip Hop Artist
    Montreal, Canada

  • Ingunn bruvik

    I am a creative and have so many ideas. I go into doubting myself, wondering which idea to bring forward. 

    Ariane is changing that.

    She gives me smart tools, asks me the right questions and intuitively seems to know what I need to move forward.

    My project is blooming and the launch date of my newest project is days away.

    Ingunn Bruvik – Painter, Activist & Healer 
    Oslo, Norway

  • Marjolein Dallinga

    I am an intuitive artist and it is challenging for me to plan my creative projects

    Ariane's technique & questions are very accurate and often very to the point.

    My ideas on my current project were vague as I approach my art playfully and with a lot of freedom.

    The focus and knowing that I can discuss specific questions with Ariane is a great strategy for me and my art.

    Marjolein Dallinga - Felting Artist 
    Gore, Canada

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contact arianefadenWhat are the 30 min for?

To ask specific questions

To get a feel for who I am

To discover how I work

To find out if we are a match

To take an action step to clarity

To start your journey to a confident life