Biz coach, social media wiz and maker of short films

Have you been tapping into your pool of creativity and created ART that makes you feel euphoric?

Let’s just celebrate this for a moment –

you in your creative zone, doing what you wish to do.

There is fulfillment and success in what you are doing right now!


And, the funny thing about success is

that with each piece created, new art pieces wish to emerge.

With these, new challenges arise.


You feel fear to let your art out into the universe,

uncertain to try a new artistic direction, perhaps

caught in creative overwhelm and you wish to sell your work,

but can’t relate to the social media circus.


You know you are the creative type;

your creative ideas come deep from within yourself,

but you cannot figure out how to get your art into motion.

You wish to be part of the generation of women that show up with confidence,

who live their lives with all the ups and downs included, yet live life to the fullest.


You LOVE being an artist …

but you are not quite in THE space to do it yet.

You are at the brink of your next artistic phase ….

but how to get there?


You look at female artists that have had success:

Successful female artists, those that have art shows lined up, make money and are not shy to call themselves artists all have one thing in common.

They managed from being in their comfort zone (creating in their own quite space, doing what they always have done), to leveraged zone of genius with one elegant move:


They actively sought out one to one coaching and

made use of fab tools available.

Let me be your confidente and let’s get you to the next level by creating a short film.

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Hi, I’m Ariane – coach, social media wiz and filmmaker of short films.


After years of wondering how I could express my creativity and still earn a living

I so wished to step forward with confidence and turn my ideas into a reality.

But this was easier said than done. Like many creative souls I was second guessing myself,

the creative process I was finding myself in and lacking technical skills to step out into the limelight.


And often I felt alone on my path of creativity as if lost in a labyrinth.



Really what I needed was a confidente, another woman I could confide in, discuss my vast array of ideas with,

a professional to accompany me through the labyrinth of choices

so that I would come out with a balance on my emotional, technical and intellectual level.


And than it hid me if … it seemed so simple … if I combine my two passions … helping female artists  and craftswomen find their way in their creative journey and making films,

and all of a sudden I found myself smack daps in the middle of my creative zone.


And this is when der ariane faden was born!


So der ariane faden is a safe place for creatives to be coached through creative overloadself-doubt,

clarity of her artistic voice, the social media circus and better visibility in the arts community.


Creating a short film along the way as a tool of expression and reflection, getting into motion and at the same time being able to take a step back

and most of all to have some fun along the way.


And do you know what? I realized that it had been in my name all along. Ariane is derived from Ariadne who was the princess of Naxos. In Greek mythology, Ariadne held a ball of yarn for Theseus as he maneuvered himself through the dangers of the labyrinth and – most important – she helped him find his way out of the labyrinth at the end.


So let me be your confidente and lets get your ART from the labyrinth out into the limelight!

Ready for the limelight?


Have a look at the packages below … pick one of several or

Contact me directly to let me know what you would like to work on.



“Afraid to let your creations out into the universe?”

Hesitant to call yourself an artist? Unsure if you really are artistic?

Than this package is for you.

Through conversation and careful analysis we will create a step by

step plan to give you confidence and clarity to present yourself to the world.

I promise you that you will be amazed at your own artistic talent.





“Idea overload and don’t know where to turn next?

Feeling overwhelmed by too many project ideas?

Are you taking on a new direction and not sure how it will pan out?

Come into the decision making process through conversation

and creating a short film together. The playing out of your ideas

will quickly make you realize which idea to pursue.

How you use the film material will be totally up to you!



“No time for the social media circus?”

Can’t be bothered with the whole social media world,

but you reluctantly realize its a good platform to share

your art with the world. Perhaps you want more exhibitions,

make some money with your art?

Together we will work on a 6 month plan

and have you part of the online world in not time.





Letting go of your art pieces …

Caught in a conundrum? Wishing to share,

but afraid to let your art out into the world?

Take a step back by creating a short film, gently letting

go of your creations. You decide on when and how

to share your creations  with the world.


In video

Blooming Forest

In video

Josée Allard

In video

Bloom Where You Are

Dare to join the social media circus?


Let’s Chat

Here is a list of questions most commonly asked

Who is this coaching film making for?

This fun exploring of talents and decision making is open to any female artist that wishes to move forward!

What will a film like this offer me?

It will offer you the unique experience to create a short film about your art and yourself – allowing you to look from the outside in. This film will give you a very different perspective on your art.

How long will this film be?

The film can be anywhere between two and 5 minutes long. Remember it is not the length of the film that is important, but the process through conversation and filming that is at the center of this collaboration.

Why make a film that is two to five minutes long?

Every film requires detailed planning, shooting and editing. A film of two to five minutes will give you ample of time for dialogue and reflection. Also … have you watched a film of 5 minutes – it provides a lot of insight and information on any given topic.

How often will I be able to create a film with you?

You can create a film with me as often as you like. Everybody’s perspective changes over time and so each film would be quite unique, depending on the focus you will give it at any given time.

Will you travel to my studio?

Of course! I happily will travel to your studio or any other location you would like me to. We will have to discuss the details when we discuss your project.

How long will this project take?

I offer different kinds of formulas through which we can create a short film. My initial proposal is to meet two half days for the filming plus editing time.

Will I be able to use my film as a promotional tool?

This film will be intended as reflective tool on your work. Yet after we have completed this film, I can use the footage to create a short promotional film or clips for your website, Instagram or your Facebook page.

Is this film intended as therapy?

This filmmaking experience is intended to help you reflect on your work, to open a dialogue on where you have been and where you would like to go. It is not intended to act as therapy.

What language can this film be in?

The film can be in any language you choose it to be in. I personally speak German, English and French … so outside of these three languages we would have to work together to insure that the images match the sound.

Will there be sound on this film?

It is really up to you. Some clients prefer to be interviewed so that their voice can be part of the film. Others choose music to accompany their moving images.