This is how we could work together

Curious? You think this could be what you are looking for to make that change in your life?

Coaching is an incredibly beneficial tool for getting unstuck and moving forward. Why?


Because everyone's journey is unique and your success is based on that.

Your dreams, specific goals, background and personality will shape our time together. We'll clarify your vision and create an action plan that is tailored to you and that you feel confident and empowered with. Most important - a plan and vision that fits into your life.

Get ready to feel more vibrant, confident, and LIT UP from the inside out.

Mind & Body

You feel all over the place, disconnected, wondering what your life purpose is. 


You're longing for change, but feel unclear of who you are and what you want. It all feels like one giant ball of confusion and by each day you feel overwhelmed by life and its choices.

Wouldn't it feel wonderful to reconnect with your core values, to understand where you stand in life and how to live it?

Connect to your inner being:

  • by un-mantling what is holding is holding you back

  • rewiring your perspective to align it with positivity

  • creating a profound shift within yourself 


Get ready to get in touch with your self again, to feel whole and in harmony with all the elements that make you you. Be brave to meet the real you.

Idea overload

Your mind is filled with wonderful ideas, yet they keep circling around and around in your head.

You wonder which one is the right one to pursue? You ponder, turn the ideas over and over in your mind. You are stuck in a labyrinth and would like to find your way out.  

Wouldn't it be wonderful to find clarity, to connect with the one idea that stands for your values and life choices? 

Discover your ONE idea by:

  • taping into your inner voice & listen to what she has to say

  • getting crystal clear on your values & life vision

  • filtering through what is important and what is not 


These are just some of the steps we will be taking together, but believe me, we will leave no stone unturned to discover which idea is the right one for you. 

Make it happen

You have your ONE idea worked out and you are ready to move into action. 

You wonder where to start to bring your idea into the world, how to take the first step. Yet you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list and cannot see clearly anymore. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to work out a plan that you know exactly which steps to take so that you can see your idea come to life?

Create a plan that is yours:

  • by aligning your idea with real life to make it doable

  • discovering how easy it can be if you eliminate any BS

  • by dropping your fears of simply doing 


It takes courage to bring an idea into the world, but it feel fantastic as well to do it. By planning, trying & testing with a plan, you will realize how easy it can be.

This all sounds good so far, but do tell me more

I currently don't communicate pricing on my website as every journey and person is different. I first want to get a better understanding of who you are, the questions you have and the change you are looking for. If what I am presenting on this website and social media speaks to you, do reach out for a free call.

Remember - every journey is different and life is never a straight line. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yes that is me ...

1-1 Coaching or
Group coaching


Throughout 2022, I am supporting my incredible clients from all over the world through individual 1:1 coaching, my signature creative clarity group coaching or monthly workshops.

What format is best for you? The choice is yours and it all depends on how you like to work. Are you more a person that enjoys the intimate exchange, wants to deep dive according your inner rhythm or are you someone who thrives on the synergies of a group?


Often my clients enjoy both formats at different times and stages along their journey. Once you have booked a discovery call, we can talk it though to see which format would suit you best. 

My coaching will feel like this:

When it comes to showing up for you, I do it wholeheartedly, with empathy and a clear and honest way of communicating.


I take your quest for a fulfilled life seriously and meet you at eye level, being at your side supporting you. I will be listening with an open ear and no idea, wish or desire will be odd to me, quite the opposite - I will welcome your unique view of this world and fully support you.


Should you lose focus along the way or second guess your steps, I will have your bigger picture in mind and bring things back in focus for you. My style is gentle, direct, truly honest and filled with respect for the kind of wonderful human being you are and what you wish to achieve in this ONE life of yours.

Would you like to get a feel for how I work? Join me for my free workshops that I hold every second Thursday of the month and see what a wonderful community comes together to . 


Ioanna Solomatina.jpg

Ioanna Solomatina

Each session felt like an oasis of calm and positive energy. One of my goals was to become more poised and self-possessed as a person, and it was really amazing how in the sessions I felt myself get closer to this goal in real time. I stopped undervaluing myself and that in any of my relationships I shouldn't settle for something that doesn't match my level of effort or commitment. This led me to be promoted twice as Ariane helped me find my own voice to advocate for myself and challenged me to stay committed to my own growth. She genuinely helped me a lot at a pivotal time.

Human Resources Specialist

Guelph, Canada

Viktoria Roussina.jpg

Viktoria Roussina

From the very first session with Ariane, I felt immediate clarity. She creates a safe space for me to express my challenges - for me personally it has been on how to embrace and get clarity around my new - professional - identity as a coach.

She's an empathic listener and  I felt fully and completely heard & seen by her. For each challenge I brought up, Ariane had questions that felt individually tailored to me and my situation. These helped me to find my own answers and gain clarity on my path one step at a time. I'm so enjoying working with Ariane, both on a personal and professional level!

Mindset & Personal Branding Coach

Berlin, Germany


Marie Janine Murmann

I love that Ariane’s workshops not only bring people together from all over the world, but explore topics that I personally should think more often about ,but neglect due to my busy lifestyle. The sessions are perfectly balanced and the impact is immediate. Being guided through with questions that make me look at things from a different perspective & she also raises valuable awareness. There is enough room for all of us to openly share our thought processes and experience. I leave each session feeling energized, heard, inspired, and encouraged to either transform one part of my life or take action with another.

Digital Marketer & Creative

London, England