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These are your options in working with me.

Get ready for clarity & calm!

2023 is your chance to clear on your professional multicultural life

through one (or a combination) of my signature workshop or coaching programs.

Say good-bye to overwhelm & undervalued.

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Freebie: Multicultural Life Wheel

Dive into your future by working with this unique multicultural life wheel.

It's the TOP favourite in my community.


Join the other women who have experienced joy by working with this life wheel & realize how easy it is to gain clarity. 

Start here

Freebie: Multicultural Planner

You are a women who likes to know what exact action steps to take? Yet you feel unsure on where to start embracing your multicultural life?

This hands on planner gives you a clear approach on what aspects & how to embrace your multicultural life. 

Week by week you will feel that you are embracing the life you want to live, by following these steps.

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Signature Workshop

Multicultural Life

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3-Month Group Coaching

Gain clarity and purpose

Enjoy the synergy & power that is created when a group of multicultural professionals come together for one common goal - to grow into what they are supposed to be & know how to share their unique gift with the world.

There a many ways to experience a multicultural professional life, but there are shared experiences in language issues, being recognized & valued - no matter where you live or where you come from.


1-1 Coaching

Your personal clarity journey

An experience that is tailored to exactly what you need to feel that you are living your multicultural potential 100% at your speed.

Each journey is unique and with me as an expert at your side you will embrace what is most needed for you at any given time. A gift to yourself to embrace a life with clarity and joyfulness - finally!

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