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Ariane gives me smart tools, asks me the right questions and intuitively
seems to know what I need to move 

Ingunn Bruvik, painter, activist and healer Oslo, Norway

  • Deborah Lacy

    Deborah Lacy

    "Ariane has a masterful way of balancing structure/practical guidance (masculine) and flow/intuition (feminine). She has helped me recognise my strenghts and asks great questions to get to the truth of my challenges and find creative solutions. This way I lost my fear of growing financially independent and slowing down so I could recognize my own self worth. Being from South Africa originally and living in England brings its challenges as I miss my roots and family. Addressing cross-cultural living with Ariane allowed me to embrace both cultures and see the gains I have through this experience. She has also helped me create a healthier, more balanced approach to juggling business and motherhood. Her empathy, groundedness, and expertise create a safe & nuturing space. I would highly recommend her to entrepreneurs who want a holistic approach to business and life."

    Creative Transformation Therapist
    London, England

  • Stephanie Schami

    Stephanie Schami

    "Coming out of a long, heavy winter I was feeling depleted, lost, bored, stagnant, mildly depressed, at times even angry. My wheels were spinning and my creative spirit needed a spark. Through her gentle, loving manner, Ariane offered clear ideas, suggestions, intuitive feedback, and support. Her concrete and helpful tools helped to boost my energy, focus my mind, and shift my perspective. She acted as a vessel to guide me through the process of going from fear to confidence, from seeing myself as mundane and boring to someone who is multifaceted, creative and interesting. With Ariane at my side I brought up the courage to be that writer I always wanted to be. We integrated time pockets that would allow me to write and still take care of my son and working full time. If I could summarize this experience in one sentence –which is hard for me to do – Ariane helped me go from two-dimensional black & white to full-on 3D/HD color.I feel excited, inspired, and have regained footing on my path to creating the life I desire!"

    Yoga Teacher & Writer
    Montreal, Canada

  • Ingunn Bruvik

    Ingunn bruvik

    "I'm a creative with so many ideas in my head. I go into doubting myself, wondering which idea to bring forward.

    Ariane is changing that. She gives me smart tools, asks me the right questions and intuitively seems to know what I need to move forward. I feel more confident and joy in being an artist. My project is now blooming and the launch date of my newest project is days away."

    Painter, Activist & Healer
    Oslo, Norway

  • Mariola Czyzek-Livernoche

    Mariola Czyzek Livernoche

    "As I was developing my newest business adventure I had Ariane at my side. She brought structure and flow into my ideas, helped me clarify which steps to take next. This way I was progressing and seeing results after each coaching session.

    Aside from that she took away my fears of all technical and the online world.

    Ariane took leadership were needed, but also respected my way of working. Now my project has become a reality and I have created something to be proud of.

    What a joy and bliss it is to work with Ariane!"

    Montreal, Canada

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