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I keep meeting incredible women who wish to do just that - create a life they love and embrace their lifes calling.

One of the first steps is taking responsibility and believing in your own values and strengths.

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We are just past the middle of February – the point where 80% of people will have abandoned their New Year’s Eve resolutions.

Just 6 weeks prior we were happily creating that long list of resolutions to achieve the “new year, new me”. This approach might be a nice aspiration, but it also sets you up for failure.

So, what happens in that short period of just a few weeks?

For one we put all the goal decision making all at the beginning of the year. Yet the year has 12 months, and we would be much kinder to ourselves to spread out our wish for change and growth.

Here are 3 things you can do to set yourself up for success:

  • Write your goals down in bite-size pieces so they become more tangible. By writing them down you will be able to revisit them on a regular basis to ensure that they are as important to you in May as they were in January.
  • Ask yourself – do my goals match my overall priorities in life? If they go hand in hand you will make it a lot easier for yourself to reach your goals. Again, check on a regular basis if the two are a pair throughout the year.
  • Check your mindset – what stories do you tell yourself every day? Are you supporting yourself with your rhetoric or are you working against yourself? Having a positive mindset will increase your chances of reaching your goals by 100 times.

Best of all – share your goals with a friend, a family member or a coach. Putting yourself into an accountability situation will not only increase your chances for success, but also make it so much more fun along the way.

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Here is what you get in this 3 month journey and beyond:

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  1. Tailored coaching to grow and be inspired :
    • Weekly 1 hr video group coaching calls
    • Your entire growth being captured in a personal document that is yours to keep. The beauty of this “diary” is that you will be able to return to your development whenever you wish to. 
    • Invitation to my private Facebook group
  2. Weekly support, progress and accountability:
    • No nonsense actions steps to implement in between sessions
    • Feedback by me of your documents, online assets, and other homework
    • WhatsApp support along the way to answer any questions that might come up to keep you in the flow
  3. Clarifying & sustainable energy to keep you moving forward:
    • A clear foundation of habits, systems and tools with which to move forward with
    • Free access to my on- or off line workshops
    • Being among the first to learn and access my newest growth experience offers.
    • Joining an ever growing community of like minded women.