I believe hearing your inner voice is the base for your ONE life.

Finding and listing to that inner voice takes courage, a good dose of creativity and willingness to try things out.

I keep meeting incredible women who wish to live a life they love & are looking for a way to do just that.

Designing a life that is yours means discovering your values and strengths and ultimatily believing in them.

Is this your moment where you are ready to walk the talk? Then you have come to the right place to take the first step.

ariane schuessler mit kamera

It is these life experiences who have made me who I am today ...

What makes me me?

Born as a "Münchner Kindl" into a German/Greek patchwork family, my life has always been culturally colourful and with a focus on people. 

Being curious by nature, I wanted to learn more about the world, to expand my horizon and to explore what was possible. This is how I found myself as a young and adventurous traveller in Canada. 

It was in the wild open spaces and multi-cultural cities where I started to find myself, where I started to feel at home and became a citizen of the world. 

During this time I had lived in several Canadian cities, but it was Montréal that stole my heart. The amazing cross-cultural fabric of this city inspired me deeply.

This is where I encountered a culture made up of so many different beliefs, languages and experiences, where I studied cross-cultural anthropology, started my family and worked.

Yet after years in the corporate world my life had become a hamster wheel and I felt trapped between work and home life. I knew I wanted more out of life, I still had unfulfilled dreams and ideas that I wanted to make happen. It was time to change!

So change I did! As a family we moved back to Germany and after having lived in Canada for 30 years, it was exciting to change my life so drastically and at times quite challenging to return to my roots after such a long time. In this process of change I decided to start my own coaching business and combine my knowledge in the corporate world with my experience in cross-cultural living. 

Today I coach clients all over the world in English or German, on- or offline. I am honoured to be working with women who have the courage to make their ideas happen and are ready to invest in themselves.


Some more pieces of my journey

Certificate in Natural Health Coaching

M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology

M.A. thesis on Art Therapy & Rudolf Steiner

20+ years know-how in sales and marketing

Agile Project Management expertise

Leading teams of all ages and backgrounds

International travel for fun and business

Being at home in three+ cultures and two continents

Speaking German, English and French

Embracing being a celiac for 15 years

And yes most important of all: being a mom of twins and having learnt to be really organized, quick on my feet and deal with unexpected situations gracefully.

I also would like to note that at times my life journey doesn't appears to be a straight line as I have experimented and searched for what my life calling is. Yet I see the red thread going through all that I have done and bringing me to where I am today - a creative life coach supporting women in their journey, so they can live their ONE life fully. 

What I do when I am not working?

I am a total foodie!  I love to cook, and I read cookbooks like others read novels. At home in Freiburg or traveling through foreign countries, you will find me at the local markets checking out the produce. In moments like these I feel like a kid in a candy store, planing the next meal - preferably for a large group. Me time consists of long walks in nature, meditation and if possible swimming in the ocean. Cultural events move me deeply and I love films in their original language. I like to be inspired and learn something new, so I read a lot and enjoy getting lost in podcasts.

Now it's your turn - who are you?   Click here to let me know!  

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Ready to walk the talk? Join the growing number of women who have made the changes to embrace their ONE life.

Whether you wish to apply for coaching, ask questions or colaborate - drop me a line here. So excited to see if we are a fit and how you will be taking your first steps out of the labyrinth into clarity.