Your personal journey starts here.

Investing in yourself means putting yourself first & wouldn't that be wonderful?

This deep and individual 1:1 coaching is fully tailored to you. I take YOU and your unique situation and dream goals as a starting point. Based on that, I create a personalized program for you in which, week by week, you’ll take confident steps towards your most profound self. You might start out by working on the professional aspect of your life, but don't be surprised if personal questions come up too. The two really go hand in hand, just as your mind and body do as well. We’ll work on expanding your mindset, energetic state and strategy towards your life; and you’ll take consistent action steps to create tangible results you’ll feel so good about. Get ready - working with me 1:1 will move you forward in ways you could not imagine possible.

It will set you up to live your ONE life with joy. 

What you can expect


Congratulations! You have decided to step out of the labyrinth into clarity. After you have booked your hours, we will meet on a regular basis either in person or via a videoconferencing tool. ​


During our coaching sessions I will introduce you to tools from the agile project planning methodology as well as key elements of the "Ariadne logic". Your thougths, questions, tasks and progress will be captured in a Google document that will be yours. The beauty of this “diary” is, that you will be able to return to your newly worked out action steps whenever you wish to. 

Very important! I'm also there for you between coaching hours - via whatsApp or email. So you actually book a whole time quota with me, because the basic idea is to fully support you on your way, to be there for you and always to have an open ear for you. This will help you achieve your goals faster.


Der Ariane Faden Action Session.png
Action Session

Single 1:1 coaching session

normally 60 to 90 minutes long, but can be longer if needed

can be booked when you need it and as often as you wish

Ideal for you, if you wish to:

  • make a change in your life, but don't know where to start

  • get support on a specific question & take your fist step

  • get an appointment quickly to move forward 

  • test if coaching is right for you before making a long term commitment

Pondering a specific question, but can't seem to find a clear answer or know where to get started?  Then this single session is for you.

Der Ariane Faden Growth Package.png
Growth Package

3 months 60 min of 1:1 coaching

Email/Messenger support in-between sessions

A document that captures your growth & will be yours to keep

Ideal for you if you wish to:

  • commit to your long-term growth

  • change aspects of your life on a deeper level

  • cultivate a new direction and habits under professional guidance

  • feel energized by investing in your personal journey

Wishing to finally implement what you have been dreaming about & want a coach at your side to accompany you on this journey?

Der Ariane Faden Transform Package.png
Transform Package

6 months of 60 min 1:1 coaching

Email/Messenger support in-between sessions

A document that captures your transformation & is yours to keep

Ideal for you, if you wish to:

  • dive deep into one aspect of your life or address several across the board

  • make a profound change in your life

  • create a long term vision & plan & put it into action

  • by being at your side you will create profound change

Fully investing into your self & deep diving while still taking the time to create long lasting change. These 6 months will be unforgettable, I promise. 

Here is how it works

1:1 coaching is safe place to voice YOU. Without restrain.

With full support - remember I am holding the yarn!

A massive confidence boost, a shower of positivity.

Getting fired up to ACT on your dreams.

Gaining momentum and keeping it.

Seeing your ideas take shape and form.

Loving every step of the way.

When you have signed up, you will receive an onboarding Email and a form to fill out, to prepare you for your first coaching session with me. During this first session, we will take extra time so that I can walk you through the format of each session and introduce you to your personal online space. This will be the hub where all of your journey will be captured, where your personal strategy comes to life, documents will be kept and where you can prepare for each of our sessions. I will also be available to you via WhatsApp in-between session for support when questions come up.


If all of this jives with you


go ahead and book your discovery call with me.

This call is an important one as I carefully select who I work with in my 1:1 coaching sessions. The time that we will be working together is a profound journey and I will challenge you when necessary to best serve you. I'm an honest person & I might show you parts that hold you back, that you might have not even been aware of. My empathetic side will understand where you are coming from & I will meet you at eye level every single session.

The 1:1 process is completely tailored to you, so there is no standard that we will be going through week by week. My entire expertise, knowledge and toolbox will be at your disposal.

If you are ready to stop floating around, waiting for things to change and take full ownership for your life I am the right coach for you to to embrace that journey with you.